1. Jellyfish in the Sky
  2. Renascence
  3. Abyss
  4. A Lifetime
  5. Memento
  6. Velvet
  7. Borealis
  8. Pearls
  9. Villanelle
  10. Moira
  11. Lucida
  12. Deliverance
Kaleidoscope Album Cover


Kaleidoscope is available on:

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Bandcamp (high quality download)

Kaleidoscope was recorded live at The Bridge Recording stage in Los Angeles with members of the Cinema Scoring orchestra, conducted by Susie Benchasil-Seiter. 17 pieces of emotionally volatile music, complimented and balanced by the soothing voice of Sunday Lane. Sunday Lane adds a dreamy, capricious component that compliments the songs that have vocals. The pieces were mixed by multiple Grammy-Award winning engineer, Nicholas Baxter.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look of the live recording sessions at The Bridge in Los Angeles:

Watch the official music video for title track “Jellyfish in the Sky” (feat. Sunday Lane). Jo directed and co-choreographed this video and was fortunate enough to work with world-class ballet dancer Amy Gilson, whose graceful performance portrayed his vision perfectly and helped him achieve the visual aesthetic he was after to convey the essence of this piece and concept of this album: