1. The Feather Dance
  2. Lied vom Leben
  3. Innocence
  4. Iumentum
  5. Die Leichtigkeit des Seins
  6. Pitta Sarita
  7. No Bliss Without Grief
  8. Tripudio
  9. Blue Tears
  10. Planet Earth Forever
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The Feather Dance

“The sky was dark, the stars too few,
Her eyes moist as the morning dew.
Their color was a poignant blue,
Her life suddenly gone askew.
And as the pain began to swell,
The tears that fell were blue as well.”

-A fan-written poem for Blue Tears.

“The Feather Dance” is available on iTunes

You can purchase the entire set of sheet music here

Another track from the album, “Planet Earth Forever” was used by the team behind The Secret in their campaign of the same name. The video can be found here: