1. Garador's Flight
  2. Ascencia
  3. Gryphonheart
  4. Listen to Jo's Debenhams Christmas Music "Illumielle" here
  5. Terra Mirus
  6. Leaving Lemuria
  7. Zephyrus
  8. Arion
  9. Voyage Dans La Lune
  10. Empyrea
  11. Theogony
elysuim 002FINAL


“Spread your wings over your shoulders,
Be not daunted by hills or boulders,
The time has come for you to rise,
Garador of the crystal skies.”

This poem, written by a fan for the track “Garador’s Flight”, perfectly describes the setting for Jo’s second Trailer Music album: Elysium.

Every surreal piece from the eleven track album puts the listeners’ imagination to the test, transporting them to a whole new world and leaving them inundated with a torrent of indescribable feelings. With “Garador’s Flight,” listeners can imagine themselves soaring over clouds and mountains. “Illumielle” and “Voyage Dans La Lune” can take them on a magical and playful journey through enchanted forests and mythical cities, while tracks like “Empyrea” and “Leaving Lemuria” inexorably stir a host of poignant emotions. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the recording sessions of Elysium:

 After the overwhelming response to his previous album Vendetta, Jo was confronted with an entirely new challenge. While industry standards demanded that his tracks be tailored to fit the needs of motion picture advertising campaigns, Jo in no way wanted to compromise the stand-alone listening experience.

Just like Vendetta, Elysium received marvelous reviews from both fans and critics, and was also honored with the “Best Album of the year 2012” award by Reviews New Age.

The track “Illumielle” from Elysium was licensed for UK retail giant Debenhams’s 2012 Christmas campaign. Apart from being used in the retail chain’s Christmas advertisement, the track was played in all Debenhams outlets throughout the month of December. This allowed many music-lovers from the UK to discover Jo’s music and connect with him.

The tracks in Elysium were used in the trailers/advertising campaigns of Hitchcock, The Words, Epic Mickey 2 and many others.

Elysium is available on:

iTunes and Amazon (digital download)
FixtStore (CD)

The album was recorded live in the Czech Republic under the baton of Petr Pololanik and the Capellen Orchestra & Choir with an all-star ensemble that included 14 brass players and a record-breaking 52-piece string section, along with 6 concertmasters in the first violins and three first chairs in all other sections. All the solo vocal performances were provided by Jo’s dear friend and amazing vocalist Felicia Farerre.

Recently, a live concert of Elysium was organized and conducted by Petr Pololanik at Brno Cathedral, Czech Republic. Here’s “Garador’s Flight” from the concert: